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The Meyers Law Firm is glad to be a full-service law firm for its clients. Glenn Meyers Rodriguez loves his diverse New York City clientele. The Meyers Law Firm represents individuals, small business-persons, home buyers, renters, CO-OP Boards, singles, men, women, husbands, wives, children, seniors, people of all races, sexual orientations, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Glenn Meyers Rodriguez is proud of his reputation as a family-style lawyer representing his community, New York City one person and one family at a time.

Glenn Meyers Rodriguez is the sole owner of The Meyers Law Firm located in Manhattan in the Flatiron/Chelsea area. He is grateful to have his dad as a mentor and friend to discuss the practice of law and to help the Law Firm by performing Real Estate Closings and other contractual matters. Glenn Meyers Rodriguez has handled thousands of personal injury cases relating to automobile accidents, pedestrian knockdowns, premises liability, medical malpractice and labor law and has achieved a great deal of financial success on behalf of his clients.

Glenn Meyers Rodriguez has become known for helping his clients through their tough times by handling bankruptcy, divorce, family law, child custody and child support, etc.. Glenn Meyers Rodriguez also helps his clients through their more happy times such as when they purchase a home or adopt a child.

Client Testimonials

"Best attorney with whom I have worked based on results achieved."

David B.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

A competent attorney knows how to explain the legal definition of negligence, exactly how it applies to your case, and how you can prove it in court. An experienced lawyer can prove to a judge or an insurance company that the person or business who caused your injuries did so out of negligence.

New York is one of 13 states that uses pure comparative negligence. This means it is paramount to have a skilled attorney, who can explain to a judge or jury that you were not as negligent as the other party, despite what that other side claims. Even though you can still recover when you are found partially responsible, it is important to limit your own liability in order to be awarded as much compensation as possible.

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