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Venezuela Wedding Customs

  • By: Glenn Meyers Rodriguez, Esq.
  • Published: November 21, 2022

Venezuela wedding ceremony traditions are rich and colorful. They are the variety of Latin, The spanish language, Indian and African affects. Fortunately they are very fun. In fact , a marriage is a celebratory affair, and a party. The wedding party and reception are often held in a large, brightly decorated venue.

One of the most well-liked Venezuelan wedding traditions is the ‘la hora loca’ or ‘crazy hour’. This is a moment of noisy music, grooving, and costumed guests. The bride and groom typically disappear for this hour, leaving the rest of the friends to party.

One other popular Venezuelan wedding traditions is to place rice at the bride and groom to be a good luck image. They are also presented feather bracelet or jewelry as products.

In addition to these prevalent Venezuelan wedding ceremony practices, couples also can exchange gold coins. This is a representational gesture that shows the groom’s motivation to provide for his new partner. This can end up being a diamonds engagement ring.

A wedding in Venezuela is mostly a celebration, as well as the family takes on an important role. The couple’s families will be present, and there is usually a large amount of what is the best free dating website food.

Many Venezuelans live venezuelan mail order brides at home until they are married. That is one of the most important reasons with respect to the rich and brilliant weddings they’ve already. The soon-to-be husband should ask his father’s permission before suggesting.

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The ceremony could be either a faith based or civil a person. The legal one takes place in a court hosue, while the spiritual feast day is usually in a religious building. Both events are attended by the couple’s close close relatives.